How We Work

Tailored Services

We have systems in place so that we first are able to quickly determine if you will be a good fit for our services. We have realized that we cannot assist everyone who is referred to us. For that reason, if we determine that a client's issue is not one which we can handle, we have a strong network of attorneys to whom we can often refer you for further assistance.

If we determine that your issue is one that fits into our practice, then one of our attorneys will meet with you personally on the next available appointment date. Each attorney has specific time set aside in the lawyer's schedule to meet with new clients. The other times of the week are reserved for meetings with existing clients and production of the work required. At the initial meeting, you will complete a short intake sheet with all of your contact information. If you need estate, land trust, probate, bankruptcy or business planning services, we will have also sent to you (either by mail, e-mail or fax) additional forms that you will need to complete prior to the initial client meeting. Otherwise, you may download those forms at the "Free Stuff" Section of this site.

Fair Pricing

At the meeting, the lawyer will speak with you in detail about your legal matter. Our conference rooms are equipped with large flat-screen monitors and computers with Internet access. This allows us to pull up and review information and documents with clients in real time, often preventing the need for future costly consultations and reviews.

The initial consultation will include a discussion regarding the amount of the fee that will be required. If the matter is resolved during the initial consultation, then the client will only have to pay for the initial consultation. However, if it cannot, then the consultation is included in the fee that is quoted. Most matters are billed on a flat fee basis, and a retainer equal to the fee and costs must be deposited into our trust account prior to our starting work. Other matters are billed on an hourly basis, but -- again -- we estimate the time and expense involved prior to starting work. In either case (whether flat fee or hourly), if we determine that the time and expense involved in the matter is exceeding what we initially estimated, we will speak with you about it before incurring additional costs and fees. It will always be your decision as to whether to proceed prior to the extra costs and fees being assessed. We advise potential clients that we are not the cheapest firm in Central Florida, nor are we the most expensive. However, if price is an issue, we have other attorneys to whom we can refer whose fees are lower than ours. Also, we do accept all major credit cards for payment of our services. We present invoices at least once each month, and the invoices go out via e-mail to the client as well as by U.S. Postal Service.

After the initial meeting, the attorney will introduce you to the other members of the legal team who will be working on your matter. We utilize a system where your work product, while always supervised, reviewed and approved by an attorney, is sometimes researched and prepared by a legal assistant, paralegal and/or law clerk. This permits us to complete your matter more quickly at a lower cost to you.

Quick Turnaround

We endeavor to complete any documents for estate planning, the filing of a probate, quiet title, or a foreclosure within three weeks of the initial consultation. Bankruptcies are filed as quickly as possible, based on when the complete information is provided to us. Most business entities are registered and have their tax identification number and other tax forms completed within one week. Expedited services for business entities are also available upon payment of extra fees. Understanding that evictions are often more pressing, we endeavor to prepare the eviction notice the same day we receive the request, and will often prepare the eviction complaint within 48 hours of receiving the request and retainer. In most cases, barring unforeseen circumstances, we are successful in meeting these self-imposed time requirements.

Further, understanding that lack of a return phone call is the largest complaint of most clients, we assure you that we will always respond to your telephone call either within the same business day or by the end of the following business day. We may respond via e-mail, so it is imperative that clients check the e-mail account they provided to us at the initial conference and keep us informed of changes to their contact information.

Each person's legal matter is unique, and the facts can sometimes appear deceptively simple. We ask that our clients understand this fact of nature of the law, and be understanding. We will attempt to set the client's expectations of time and expense early on in the process. However, if a client ever feels that we have not met the expectations we have set for them, we ask them to please give us a call to let us know so we can make it right.