Joseph E. Seagle, Esq.

At 15 years old, Joe remembers riding with his dad down Interstate 40 in North Carolina one Sunday afternoon on the way home to Hickory after visiting his grandparents in Marion. His dad asked him whether he'd decided what he wanted to do when he "grew up" (as if anyone ever does completely). Joe had been thinking about it, and told his dad that he really liked writing as he had been doing in his newspaper journalism classes in high school. He enjoyed the interviewing of experts and learning about new subjects. His dad told him about how lawyers he knew who mentioned that their workdays sounded just like a journalist's in many respects. 

In high school, he participated in a summer internship program with a local law firm where he shadowed a lawyer who was in court all day, every day. During the internship, Joe discovered that a career in law would provide him the ability to help people in a more direct way than he could ever do as a journalist. When the internship ended, the partner told Joe, "If you're crazy enough to stick with the law and go to law school, give me a call when you graduate, and I'll give you a job." 

On September 3, 1996, Joe started practicing as a junior associate with that same firm where he'd completed his high school summer internship just eight years before. There, he represented persons injured in accidents. He also handled numerous real estate and corporate transactions, including dozens of entity formations for limited liability companies and corporations as well as mergers and acquisitions. He focused his practice on Internet-based startup companies in their intellectual property issues related to trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.

With the downturn in the technology sector, Joe moved to a small firm in Asheville, N.C., and focused his practice more on general corporate and real estate matters, representing timeshare resort developers and other real estate developers in the construction and development of single-family subdivisions. Joe also focused much of his time on representing buyers and sellers in the purchase, sale and leasing of real estate.

In 2001, Joe moved to Orlando, Florida, where he joined a small firm focusing almost exclusively on representation of real estate developers and the firm's title company, conducting hundreds of real estate closings and settlements.

In the summer of 2004, Joe opened his own practice in Orlando. He concentrated his practice in real estate closings, representing buyers, sellers and developers in their purchase, sale and development of real estate throughout Central Florida. In 2007, he moved his offices to larger state-of-the-art facilities, and expanded the practice from transactions into litigation related to real estate transactions, including foreclosures, quiet title actions, evictions and probate. Joe also owns PCS Title, a title company licensed in Florida to sell title insurance and conduct residential and commercial real estate closings throughout the state. He also owns TRSTE, LLC, a land trustee company, and is a principal of other businesses including CloseMyTimeshare.com, and Encore Realty Group, Inc.. 

He is licensed to practice in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and the District of Columbia. He graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1993 where he double-majored in English and Anthropology. He graduated from N.C. Central University School of Law in 1996 with a Juris Doctorate degree.